Active Shooter – Part 11 – SHAME on YOU

James Yeager






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  1. John Wilburn

    I hate the expression “Somebody do something.” It not only implies that it is somebody else who needs to act, but also that just doing “something”, like anything, is a worthy response. Some people exist only at the pleasure of nature and society’s mercy.

  2. Hagan Barnes

    If I remember correctly, he goes on to say that he wants to know if the woman is OK, expresses his concern for her well-being and that he wishes to ‘see’ she is OK. Unfortunately, she doesn’t even know you were there! What would you say to her, I’m guessing it starts with “I wish I’d….” Sadly, too little too late. Now he has to live with it, don’t be this guy. Horrible.

      • Michael Oyloe

        Thank God James you’re ther explaining what should be obvious. You have the balls to call shit as it is. Not a kiss ass, it’s reality. So many are so called tough guys, but pink in reality. No disrespect to any females, as I’m sure they’d kick a lot of these trash talkers to a place they dont’t desire.