Active Shooter – Part 2 – Get in the FIGHT!

James Yeager






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  1. Jarrod Ashby

    this video was from 2012.. 10 years before Uvalde.

    At 4:34 he goes into police waiting for backup before acting….What he said is almost prophetic. This video rings even more true now than it did then. Not only did they wait for “3 or 4 guys”, but literally dozens and they all failed to act.

  2. Edward Hernandez

    Yes yes yes. In Florida they signed into law teachers can carry now. And I’m sure it wasn’t a bunch of bitch veggie burger eating teachers that forced it to happen. It was ones who would run towards…

  3. Aaron Rothe

    This video is powerful. We had a active shooter at the mall in Birmingham Alabama on black Friday a few years ago and a hoover officer charged through the crowd and i believe made a head shot . That took a lot of skill and a lot of luck. I know people that were there and people were running and screaming

  4. Crystal Fox

    This is one of the first videos of yours that I watched and also when I decided that I would 100% be a student of yours. Thank you for this. What a fucking terrible day that was when you recorded it.

  5. Haydee Santiago

    One of my very favorite videos of yours James. And I guess the reason I like it so much is because I feel the exact same way you do on the matter.

  6. Dean Beiring

    I love this series did i miss something wheres active shooter #3? i assume it’s not loaded yet? which is OK James you rock!!!!

  7. Nathan Cooper

    Excellent message, too bad it is needed. Proven again when Scot Peterson failed to engage Feb 14, 2018 with Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.