Active Shooter – Part 4 – Advice for the Disarmed

James Yeager






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  1. Julius Navikas

    Glad to find your old videos. Gets me pumped up every time. Glad my country isn’t that stupid. So I am allowed and able to carry handgun for self defense. I know 1972 Makarov isn’t the best. but its something I can afford. Also I am getting my training. Thanks for not forgetting us Europeans.

  2. James Mehring

    This video helped me with mind set and keeping it simple. I respect you for never being Luke warm with important matters such as protecting yourself and what is dear to ones self.

  3. Ian Sheldrake

    Not allowed to carry knifes here in norway but i do every day also not allowed to carry battons but do every day. Have a mauser 7.62 x 51 two remington 870s inglis browning cz75 shadow a 2075 on the way and a combi 12 /70 7.62 51 for hunting so having guns is allowed but get caught carrying and lose them with a high chance of going to jail

  4. Jonathan Tuck

    Another awesome video James! I’ve watched them over and over at (you know where) but glad to watch them again here.