Active Shooter – Part 6 – YOU are the FIRST Responder!

James Yeager






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  1. Michael Oyloe

    Why arent’t we hearing more of this NOW! When are people going to start listening? We can’t count on the 1 coward that didn’t go in. Teachers, if trained and willing, should be able to carry. As JY says, as soon as resistance is felt by the shooter, he ‘offs himself’ or stops killing innocents. Guns aren’t the problem, it’s people.

  2. Christopher Nelson

    We’re all first responders if you think about it. I mean, we should be preparing all young people how to respond to societies biggest problems and threats, whether that be violent or medical problems we need to have more good guys then bad guys to deal with these things. And yes if its a medical problem and you just sit there with your thumb up your ass, your the bad guy. DO SOMETHING!