Big Bores – Part 1 – .460 S&W Accuracy and Speed

James Yeager






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  1. Haydee Santiago

    Nice shooting James. Even those 5 rapid-fire shots looked very controlled considering that they came out of THAT beast! 👍💪 Question…. I’m curious, what do you think about magnum semi-auto pistols like the Desert Eagle? And even the much older ones like the 44 Automag (of Dirty Harry in Sudden Impact) and the Wildey magnum (of Charles Bronson in Death Wish 3)?

  2. John Wojtalik

    Hahaha I laughed out loud for real when you said .40 guys can suck your dick. People are so full of themselves sometimes it’s hilarious. Those guns are awesome. Personally I’d take the .44 mag, I don’t plan on hunting T rexs anytime soon, and that old 5 inch with no lock is basically a collectors item. Not to say I wouldn’t shoot it. I don’t believe in safe queens. Also, I’ve never shot anything before, no clue what my ability to control recoil is. Probably would want alot of training and a couple years experience before picking up a .460. Any reason you don’t have any ruger revolvers? You seem very partial to the Smiths. Had a bad experience with Ruger?

  3. Nathan Williams

    Yeah, but can you shoot it upside down with your pinky – Jerry style? LOL! Now thats would be a video to see… HAHAHA!