Cross Machine & Tool 6.5 Rifle Build

James Yeager






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  1. Robert Bruce

    Since you recommend people don’t build their own rifles, is there a gunsmithing company out there, that you can recommend, to build a FIGHTING rifle with parts of my choice? I would love to have a rifle with CMT upper and lower receivers, but they don’t offer many choices for complete rifles.

    • Andrew 920

      LRK Mechanical. Billy Birdzell did a video with them its on his channel if you wanna see it but just google them it should come up.

  2. Stephen Leadbeater

    The 6.5 does it for me as well. Close to the punch of 308 with the reach of a light wildcat that can be built into a AR style rifle that my wife can handle.

  3. Hagan Barnes

    Guilty on the castle nut, knew what to do and goofballed it (aka. forgot). Like the “autozone” idea, buying the “I build mine with this” $20 gunshow hunk of wrench isn’t too painful……….until you realize it sucks and you should have gotten the Magpul. Would like recommended tools/tips for builds vid. Very nice 6.5 and gotta check out CMT, very nice.

    • Miles Farris

      I did that too on my dad’s ar pistol,when we were done we brought it home and I staked that sob. Never again will I forego staking the castle nut

  4. Justin Doerr

    Love the video. Definitely looking forward to the more in depth build videos. Like seeing Don in the videos but he ain’t no Mookie! Lol