Girl Scout Troop 838 Fighting Rifle

James Yeager






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    Funny thing…. this is where Gun Culture grows…. teach the young the real truth about firearms and they will be 2A advocates for life!!
    Great job TR!

  2. Chance Carlton

    I don’t understand why their local ranges wouldn’t let them. Good on the TR team and the troop leader for exposing these girls to good training and people.

  3. Adam Kushner

    This is another reason why I love the Tactical Response Family and all those that support them. This Girlscout troop is now more competent than 99% of the people that “go to the range”.


    If only some more schools and so called “shooting experts” would take the time and trouble to promote this type of activity, it would be a better world. congratulations to TACTICAL RESPONSE for doing this. Will be there in Oct for Fighting Pistol. Great idea with LIBERTV now we can hear the real deal without the “Internet Commandos” bitching and moaning about Mr Yeager.

  5. Richard Maunder

    Excellent video I have the same problem here in the UK finding a place for Air Cadets to shoot a lot of ranges here have said NO for years. Thank you for the video.

  6. Jonathan James

    Wow! That was impressive. This illustrates how much we need programs for youth. Hearing the girl from Japan say, “shoot, move, and communicate” was priceless. Great job Tactical Response!

  7. Tyler Schardt

    Great job! It’s awesome that Tactical Response and the channel sponsors were able to help this troop. I’m estatic that the troop learned a lot and had a great time. Great video quality too.

  8. Richard Fulford

    What an amazingly motivational message this video has. I’m hard pressed to think of better way a firearms training company could give back to the community and, at the same time, promote such a positive look into the American Gun Culture we all know and love. Great job Tactical Response, as always!

  9. Willie Everett

    Awesome video. It made me an even bigger fan of what you do. I can’t wait until I finally get to train with you.

  10. Rick Laycock

    I wonder how many times these girls heard Tim say “Sweet Mother”. This is what young kids (both boys and girls) need. Keep up the good work Tactical Response!