Glock 19x vs. Glock 45

James Yeager






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  1. Leland K

    Thanks for the ref to Liber TV. Love the info as always Mr. Yeager. Buddy took one of your courses years ago and loved it. Any ideas about doing a piece on quiet ammo like Aguila, CCI etc in 22?

  2. John Wojtalik

    Good comparison. I don’t get why people hate the glock 45? People asked for forward cocking serrations, glock added them, and people hate those too. “They don’t look good!” Then why’d you ask for them? If you don’t like the new glock, just buy an older one. I don’t get why that’s hard for people. Don’t like, don’t buy, why bitch about it?

    • Adam Jackson

      People will always complain and never be happy. The 45 and 19x look like great pistols. I’m partial to my gen 3 but these two new glocks might finally win me over.