Glock 19X – Part 1 – First Shots

James Yeager






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  1. John Wojtalik

    G19x/G45 vs G17, if you’re carrying owb, such as a duty or home defense setup, not worried about concealing it, which would you choose? This has a controllability advantage over the 17, what advantage does the 17 have? Not rhetorical, completely, genuinely curious as to your opinion.


    Been using blocks since they came out. Never got used to the 45 acp models but the 17 and 19 have always worked for me . Without a doubt the 19X is the best one I have ever used, compared it with a 17 gen 4 and 19 gen 3 back to back and found it to shoot the best for me, balances the best for me also, I agree with Mr Hackathorn it is the best glock. On the down side , whats with the new floor plate on the gen 5 mags? Why bother making things complicated, in closing , 19X GREAT PISTOL. Now about the Glock 45, have to do some trading in the future. I figure in about a month my arm will be back to normal and I can reschedule for FIGHTING PISTOL.

  3. Clayton Reffitt

    Thank you for your dedication in making these videos in the rain. I know it wasnt easy. Side note. Loved hearing the brass hit inside the truck bed 👍