Hello Everyone!

James Yeager

I just wanted to say hello and formally welcome everyone.


Thank you for being here! 


We have “most” of the bugs worked out (the BIG ones anyway) and things are going smoothly.


Your support and enthusiasm has been very motivating for the crew and me.


Keep being AWESOME! 


  1. Sebastian Escopeta

    James. This is Sebastian from Argentina!!!! Following you now in libertv.com. Un saludo muy grande amigo!!!!

  2. Matt Dalessandro

    Thanks for all you do! I have learned so much over the years for free.Happy to be paying for all your great info.Very exited to be part of liber tv and looking forward to you with the freedom to speak your mind without The YouTube nazi’s watching over you.
    Best of luck with this but I know it will be a success.
    Thanks James for all you do!

  3. Danny Tyner

    As I look around my world, it surprises me how many areas of my life your words and teachings have touched.

    Thank you for all you do Sir!

  4. Patrick Medley

    Just watched the studio construction video. I’m still amazed at the resources you are pouring into this. Knowing that you wouldn’t do it without a plan, I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

    A big thank you to the Patreon and Kickstarter folks from me too!

  5. Tyler Schardt

    I registered the first night it was available and had zero issues. Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Rewatching some of your older videos reminded me how foundational this content is to my martial firearms knowledge and skills. You are doing the world, particularly America, a great service by sharing your hard earned wisdom. From the bottom of my heart–thank you!

  6. Chad Kollmann

    I’ve watched your videos for years. I felt compelled to give back by getting a premium membership and supporting you, your company and those who stand with you. Thanks for everything you, and your crew do to make all of this possible. Congratulations on this new endeavor and I’ll be seeing Tactical Response at the end of Oct for my first classes ( way of the pistol).

  7. Brian Willochell

    So far so good Mr. Yeager. Even with us breaking the server and credit card BS -at first, it’s well worth my money and will continue to support you and the channel the best I can. I appreciate the amount of communication you provide is and actually allow us to be involved. Greatly appreciate the experience and the opportunity to be part of something big in your life.