Kids Training Initiative Pt. 2

James Yeager






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  1. Richard Smith

    I just bought one of these sights to put on my first AR15! I was unsure of the longevity on them because nobody I know has one, but the reviews looked good on them, and the price seemed almost too good to be true for all the features, and positive reviews. I am glad that they have your seal of approval, and I am glad to hear that your experience with them is positive. I will be buying another one to put on my kids 22’s when they get old enough to learn to shoot, great company, great product, great price, and the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with.

  2. David Hanny

    Based on this video, I just ordered my first Holosun ( the 515CT ) – thank you for the update on the Holosuns in your training armory.

  3. Travis Bell

    Who can I contact about giving a donation for this project? I think you’re doing good things for the community. Thanks

  4. Clayton Reffitt

    Kudos Holosun! I’ll be messaging them and Big Daddy Unlimited my appreciation for their generosity to this cause.

  5. Michael Bingham

    By the time I had finished my (long winded) comment about sending Holosun an email….the LEO/Mil Sales Director had sent me a personal reply. Talk about good customer service, eh?

  6. Michael Bingham

    Done! I just sent Holosun an email. I had been wondering what you thought about the Holosun sights. You tend to stay silent on products you don’t like, and I don’t recall you mentioning anything about them in a while (it’s not like you don’t have much to do or anything). Anyway, I sent ’em an email, and I plan to buy ANOTHER Holosun. I’ve got the HS503G with the Primary Arms reticle, and I love that sight. I’m glad to hear you guys haven’t broken one (yet). And, on a related note, I managed to break my Aimpoint PRO recently. Let me just say that they fixed it, no questions asked. I’m kinda proud of the fact that I was using my rifle/sight hard enough to break it. The dude who fixed my sight sent me a hilarious email, and we “drank a toast together” via the internet. James–THANK YOU for what you are doing in support of the 2nd Amendment!

  7. Martin Martinus

    at what age the kids can train with these rifles @tactical response? Will there be classes for videos, like a “light version” of fighting rifle or something?