Yeager Analysis of the Las Vegas Shootout

James Yeager






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  1. Frank Arrigoni

    He’s incredibly lucky to not have been shot during that mag swap. Shooting through his windshield while in pursuit is gangster as fuck.

  2. Sergio Reyes

    Las Vegas metro y’all some cowboys and you know it!! you guys have a reputation of professionalism and when you’re called to do the thing you guys always show up! I appreciate you lvpd

  3. Jay Coy

    Lot’s of guts to stay in pursuit as you are being shot at, and going way fast in traffic. Lots of guts is always going to be needed to pursue felons with guns while they shoot at you. I doubt that the most trained guy on the force would have maintained perfect pistol handling form while doing all this driving, communicating, getting shot at, and shooting back, so to the internet Rambo’s out there, shut it!!

  4. Dustin Smith

    I agree 100% my opinion they have killed someone and shooting at police in a metropolitan area they did not care and was not going to stop until the result that was achieved! He needs some training but even the most knowledgeable need training and rehearsals! But outfuckingstanding!!!!!

  5. Brian Smith

    Where are all the 1911 Suck videos? Ive been looking for them and they wont show up. :-(. I go to the search menu bar and type in “1911” and all I get is a cleaning video. I just bought my first Wilson 1911, and I just want to hear the videos again.

  6. Corin Dunn

    As someone who is taking criminal justice and criminal investigation right now, I pray that when I join the force, I have half this man’s tenacity and courage.


    I suspect being seated in a car, having to work around the steering wheel might have contributed to his rather non-standard two handed grip… though he had the presence of mind to keep his left thumb well below the slide rail…. and I bet having never trained to reload while sitting half in and half out of his car caused him to grab his reload in an awkward manner…..
    Perhaps his shots didn’t end the fight… maybe he didn’t hit the perps at all….. but they were being shot at, they knew it…and that caused the perps distress… it disrupted their efforts….

  8. Kyle Bagdonas

    When the topic of switching the hand that you use your pistol with came up on your Advanced Fighting Pistol DVD, you said that it’s never happened. I’m not sure if you meant that in regards to specifically the use of cover or not so I apologize if it seems like I’m putting words in your mouth.

    The officer did clearly switch which had he used, I’m curious as to what you have to say about that considering what you mentioned on the DVD. Was there something different about this specific circumstance that I missed?

  9. Brian Antonio

    Interesting note is that despite all the shots fired it was a different officer armed with a shotgun (out of the scene) who ended the suspect. They did not say how many times officer Umana hit the suspect, if at all.

  10. Matt Dalessandro

    Thank you to that police officer and to all police officers who put there lives on the line everyday.Also a huge thank you to there families.

  11. John Wojtalik

    Completely agree James. Is his technique and gun handling perfect? No. Could he use some training and practice in regards to his grip and reload? Yes. Should he get rid of that stupid slip on grip? Absolutely. Could anyone bitching about his less than perfect gun handling drive like he did while communicating on the radio and being shot at? Probably not. Would anyone saying he sucks press the fight to the end like he did? Doubtful. Also, I see XS Big Dots on his pistol, so he has good sights instead of the regular 3 dots every department uses. You can teach him to grip a gun better and reload smoother in a day. You can’t teach him how to be courageous and relentless.

  12. Gerald Miller

    This is awesome hats off to the officer. He stayed in the fight until the end. I agree with everyone else he’s a hero . God only knows who else would have fell victim to those murderous sumbitches

  13. Robert Hogue

    That dude is a fuckin hero. All those Monday morning quarterbacks can fuck right off until they press the fight like that officer. Good on him!

  14. Steven Blair

    Totally agree he was doing his job under intense stress and rocked it. He was not standing outside a school letting kids be murder like that pussy in Parkland.