Livestream – July 4th, 2018

James Yeager


  1. John Wojtalik

    21 minutes “you’re saying their shit didn’t fit but it was your shit.” Yeah, my shitty shit.” “I didn’t say your shit was shitty. Your shit is shit my shit is stuff.” Lmao, that was fucking funny.

  2. Chris Ramirez

    James you did a video on an NSR holster for the glock 19 that would work with or without the small surefire light. Which holster was that?

    • John Wojtalik

      I’m 99% sure that if you get the glock 19 holster and select to have the surefire xc1 attachment, that holster will work with or without the light. You can probably contact NSR Tactical and ask them before ordering too.