Magpul 10-22 Backpacker

James Yeager






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  1. Martin Martinus

    sadly we only can have “normal” 10/22, the takedown versions we can not have without a special permit, like with the “short” pumpguns.

    The reason is a special law that says a guns that can be take apart over the normal size, like the normal 10/22 it is ok, what with that takedown thing it would be to easy to conceal, the laws is old and they make this because illegal hunters use a lot of .22 with silencers… make all not sense, because the bad guys do not care.

    nice setup, would love to have the backpacker.

    Think about to get one of the brownells 10/22 receivers with barrel (brownells house brand!) and get the rest parts (include the 10/22 hunter stock from Magpul) also by them to setup a like .22 rifle for my self, but i had bad experience with .22 semi autos, they always made problems!

  2. Chris Ramirez

    James i thought you didnt like the mag base plates extensions? Curious if you changed your mind seeing how youre rocking one in these videos.