Modernizing the Marlin 1895 Guide Gun

James Yeager






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  1. Shawn Welte

    Whooaa….Wait a minute this is coming from the guy that does not modify is bike’s performance, no muffler swap, engine parts swap, all blacked like everyone else’s motorcycle….LOL. Seriously though, that’s a cool rifle.

  2. Justin Phillips

    These modernized lever guns are really exciting. You certainly get more functionality, light capability, etc. But, I also hope that it brings some of the younger gun owners into the lever gun world. Great stuff

  3. Chris Demand

    My Marlin 45-70 had an issue with cycling rounds. Most common remedy I read was to take a screwdriver and bend the extractor out a bit. That and shoot the shit out of it. It worked mine cycles perfectly now.

  4. John Wojtalik

    What bothers me, is people bitch and moan when someone modernizes a production lever gun, but these fudds won’t say a thing when some dumbass chops up a highly collectible milsurp rifle and puts tapco furniture or some crap on it. That’s a weird safety, never heard of a safety that doesn’t block the trigger and only the hammer. Any particular reason you chose the marlin instead of Henry 45/70? Just curious.