Red Dots on Pistols

James Yeager






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  1. Brett Norris

    Mr. Yeager I’ve heard 10 or 15 yard zeros for red dots on pistols are the way to go. I believe Steve fisher recommends a 10 yard zero. Just food for thought if you are going to play around with zero distances and train with it. Looking forward to hearing your thought on red dots on pistols as you train more and instruct more students who use them.

  2. Chris Cogsdil

    As good as red dots work for rifles, I would find it impossible not to get one for my carry pistol if I could mount one without buying a new slide or machining a pocket our of the slide and tapping for tiny screws. I figure its just a few years down the road before they are a standard item that many more pistol have as an OEM option or at least the eablility to mount one as easily as a light in front of the trigger guard.

  3. Pierre Kamel

    I love this series. I had a love hate with my rmr mostly because of me not the red dot. I didn’t practice enough with it. Many of the “cons” has work around.

    If it dies use it as a Halo or the back ups. if mud covers it you can use the top as a reference across the shoulders.

    As for the zero. I’ve heard Steve Fisher, Costa and biggers say a 25 yard zero is the way to go.

    As for first shot on target I found two methods that worked for me.
    1. Cant the slide up in the front, catch the front sight as soon as possible and “drop” the front sight into the rear notch. The dot will be there every time.
    2. Press straight out a little low and at almost full extension lift the gun into you line of sight. Again the dot should be there.

    The biggest advantage I found from the rmr is the feedback during practice, both dry and live. I think it’s as much as a training tool and a force multiplier.

  4. Dave Rosland

    Eventually as funds permits I want to put an RMR on my 19 but I’d be very leery of aftermarket slides with cuts for the optic so I’m assuming you would recommend we would only do this if we get a glock factory mos slide