RHINO WAR – Part 1 – The Fight

James Yeager

If you would like to help please go to https://rhino911.com/campaigns/rhino-911-campaign/#charitable-donation-form


TRAINING: http://www.TacticalResponse.com 877-7LETHAL

PODCAST: https://libertv.com/podcast

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/JamesYeagerofTacticalResponse













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  1. Kenneth Goodwin

    James and Billy, I want to assist you two with this “Fight.” I’m ready, willing, and able to travel to Africa with both of you. Just say when! #Ihaveyourback

  2. Nicola Franciosi

    what about Intelligence, isn’t there a way to intercept those poachers when they’re still in the city, preparing for the field ? where do they acquire the rifles, ammo, equipment…where do they rent the vehicles ? where do they sell the horns, how they get out of the country ?…intelligence work could be more effective and less risky than countering them in the wild…

  3. John Wojtalik

    Dealing with some scary shit. Poachers bringing AKs to kill good people. You guys are awesome doing this. Had no idea that poachers were helping terrorists. Maybe not directly (some of them might be helping them directly who knows). This is probably the best thing you can do to help fight bastards like ISIS and save these wonderful animals.

    • John Wojtalik

      Because he’s awesome. If you haven’t seen his YouTube channel you are missing out. Every bit as much good content as Yeager.

  4. Brad Wade

    I would have never thought of terrorist organizations using Rhino horns to fund their operations. Love the righteous work you and Billy are doing.

  5. Brian Willochell

    I knew of them being FB in danger of being killed off but I didn’t realize how deep and serious the connections went. Diff keep us posted with the ways to help support this. Good on you guys for doing this.

  6. Athanasios Georgakopoulos

    Epic! I would love to volunteer if I could be cleared. And yes I would save up to assist there as long as possible

  7. Kyle Burns

    This is going to be a dope series. Keep up the good work guys. Again James congrats on libertv. I love pissing of all the libs i work with by watching your videos at work. Im from ny so theres alot of libs here.

    • John Wojtalik

      Hahaha. Oh my god, just realized that this is such a mind fuck for liberals. Wait, they’re saving rhinos, but they’re using guns?! The environmentalists and hippy anti gunners can’t make up their minds if it’s good or bad.

  8. Aldrim Melchor

    This is great stuff, it’s amazing how many people act like they are making a difference and nothing ever gets done. I wonder what the paychecks of the heads of the charity organizations look like