Stupid Internet Gun Stuff Any Training is Better Than No Training

James Yeager






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  1. Haydee Santiago

    James, me being a life-long Martial Artist (ever since I was 14 years old and now I’m well into my 30’s) I’ve always been into self-defense, which is why I also got into firearms because like you I do agree that being proficient in gun-handling & gun-fighting is a Martial Art in itself. I’ve already had a formal firearms training class (from an instructor that I think you know pretty well) and my next goal is to train with you. 🙂 But YOU specifically! No disrespect to any of your instructors at Tactical Response but I want to train with the man himself. 🙂 The man, the myth, the legend. Would that cost me more than just taking a class with any of your other instructors, or would it be the same say for like FIGHTING PISTOL? *By the way, just for the record…. I’m actually a man, this is my wife’s account. I’m using hers because I haven’t made my own just yet.

      • Haydee Santiago

        !? Wow. Ummm, what’s that about James?? Did I do or say something wrong??? :-/ I’m honestly a big fan I watch your vids all the time) and I have the utmost respect for you and what you teach.