Stupid Internet Gun Stuff – If it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me

James Yeager






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    My first choice as a duty weapon was a 1911. I shot this platform very well. I had confidence in this style of pistol. I also spent a lot of time at the range and making sure my pistol functioned. The 1911 is an enthusiast firearm. For the majority of the shooting public I would recommend a striker fired pistol. I had a friend who was a big Glock man. We used to joke about our choice our of pistols. he would say that he was trying to drag me into the 21st century. I told him if the 1911 was good enough for Sgt York, Audie Murphy, and the Texas Rangers it was good enough for me. I recently bought a Glock 19x. I would recommend this pistol to anyone.

  2. John Wojtalik

    Thanks for making great content James. As someone who is new and young (don’t own a gun yet, won’t for a while) it boggles my mind how people say such stupid things that contradict common sense. “Clint Smith carries a 1911 so it’s the best gun.” “Jerry Miculek carries a revolver so it’s good for me.” “Navy Seals use sig p226s so they’re good for self defense.” 99% of people don’t have nearly as much training or practice as any of these guys they talk about. I like 1911s and revolvers, I think they’re historical and cool, but that doesn’t mean I’d carry one. Maybe after I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and have trained for thousands of hours like these guys I could carry a snub nose revolver and shoot someone 500 yards away with it, (exaggeration) but that’s not me, and that’s not most people.

  3. Haydee Santiago

    James, I agree with you 110%. Some people are just idiots and they’ll say the most ridiculous things to justify their choice of a certain gun. smh It’s like saying “THE COLT SINGLE-ACTION ARMY WAS THE CHOICE OF JESSE JAMES” or some other guy from those times who was considered bad-ass “SO IF IT WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM THEN IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!” Lol 😀 smh It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  4. Brian Willochell

    Buddy of mine at work has the mindset “ if it works for my race gun it will work to carry.” I can’t get through to him. I can think for myself but the years I’ve been watching your videos I primarily look to you for sound advice on gear and even firearms. Have to admit that I haven’t been let down or disappointed. No need to change my mind about much. I appreciate everything you do for the gun culture Mr. Yeager.