Stupid Internet Gun Stuff Part 3 The Gun Community

James Yeager






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  1. John Fazio

    I hate how every Navy Seal or Army Ranger has (had) a youtube channel trying to make money offering training videos… We all owe a great debt to the guys and gals who served, especially those who went into harms way, but that doesnt fucking make you an expert, nor does it mean your tactics are sound advise for a civilian. Most SOCOM training is based on being the biggest badest in the valley, NOT the insurgent rising up against them. So while teaching gun handling and survival is fine…teaching vehicle offensive / defensive driving, squad formation tactics / combat is not. I can guaren-fucking-tee you and your friends (even SEAL friends) try those tactics against a rogue government, like if the US turned on its civilian population, you will all die in days. You will be identified, traced, tracked and illuminated in no time. What the SEALs and Delta teach insurgents trying to over-throw a government is what they need to teach…not how to J-turn a non-armored car and stop then engage pursuing enemy forces through the window frames…LMFAO… Think about 4 terrorist in a car getting chased by the US Army down a street… how long will they last if they stopped and started firing out the windows…its fucking laughable.

  2. William King

    This (in this current political climate) is extremely true of the firearms “community” online…

    Now we are fighting against anti-gun legislation (things aren’t calm anymore) and the online gun “community” is split and fighting amongst themselves.

    This video is 100% accurate. Couldn’t agree more with you.