Stupid Internet Gun Stuff Self Taught Shooters

James Yeager






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  1. Haydee Santiago

    I been into firearms a long time (since I was very young). I used to go to the range and practice shooting & marksmanship and other things that I’d seen on youtube and I actually thought that I was a bad motherfucker. Lol 😀 Well, of course I’m exaggerating a little bit but yeah, I thought I was pretty damn proficient. And yes, while I actually WAS better with a gun than the average person, it wasn’t until that I went to an actual formal training class that I found out much I didn’t know. So I can whole heartedly say to those guys that are the way I used to be, guys, BELIEVE ME…. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW! GET….SOME…. TRAINING!!