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James Yeager

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What do you want!?!?!


  1. Dean Beiring

    Some night vision videos please and do you still recommend tuleric group for night vision training and purchasing nvg stuff?

  2. Mike Z

    I really like that you started this but you’re actually competing with full30 right now. I think the best thing you could do is develop a user friendly app that can open up the channel to all things such as fishing hunting camping and even more general life stuff such as how too’ sand home improvements.

  3. Kevin Asimakis

    Would love to see more gathering videos, like the the live stream with Mookie, Costa, and the guys from SOE. Just impromptu chatter from a good group of guys is awesome content

      • Kevin Asimakis

        Yea, I can see that, but it would be amazing content. I know you have already said this was coming but just to reinforce it being a good idea, the AR build videos with emphasis on the setup and application of each would be cool.

    • Haydee Santiago

      I agree 100%. Thats probably the most fun I’ve ever had while watching any video ever on the internet. The entire time I watched it all I could think was….”Man, I could really relate to these guys. I carried nunchucks & ninja stars as a kid too!” Lol “AND I probably know just as many movie quotes as them! If not more!!” 😀

  4. Dean Beiring

    as far as AR-15’s go — the bolt — does it have to be head spaced to the rifle? or does it not matter? can i just buy a bolt from Brownells and use it in any AR with out checking the head space?


    Would like to see all the scary content our “commie masters from Youtube banned also ads by your sponsors. I would like to buy what the Pro’s buy. Thanks James.

  6. Marek Dudek

    How about weekly “Concealed Carry Stories”? Pick an event (use of firearm for self-defense), and explain good/bad thing (mindset, tactics, legal) the guy did, what would be the ideal way to deal with such situation (“20/20 after the fact”) etc. Maybe explain/analyze some of the “famous” event (terror attracts, mass shootings, etc. For example, never seen any analysis/explanation of how the Dallas shooting (scene around the pillars) went thru. Basically, I would love to understand/learn from these mistakes.. Thanks

  7. Haydee Santiago

    I remember watching an older video of yours that was called “weapon transitions” I think. And in that video you were demonstrating this drill called the “meltdown drill” I believe? So maybe some more vids like that would be cool. But instead of doing it with an AR or some other rifle, how about doing it with a shotgun? 🙂 I don’t know, maybe shooting the shotgun dry then transitioning to your pistol? Or maybe shooting the shotgun dry then port-loading once or twice before going to your pistol? I don’t know, I think those would be cool to see. 🙂 Just a suggestion.

  8. Dean Beiring

    What about gas masks? i have one i bought off of ebay but later i found out not all gas masks are created equal so can you give us some low down? please!!!!!

  9. David Bateman

    Special request for a live stream of Mookie and Jacob Herman together after theyve been drinking! Those dudes crack me up

  10. Valhalla Awaits

    As others have said, It would be nice to see something in the political section. An unfiltered James Yeager who talks about real issues facing the country. Stuff that would otherwise make Youtube cry and hide under their safe-space blanket. From a buisness perspective, having videos with hot chicks would bring more users to the platform.

  11. Kyle Ellis

    I would like to see some videos on how to clean, load, and maintain other firearms than the AR. I would like to see some videos of HK G3, FN FALs, AR180s, AKs, as well as shotguns and handguns

  12. Taylor Mitchell

    I would like to learn some drills working on accuracy during movement. Protips. also some more material about ankle rigs with backup guns, how to employ them.

    • Dean Beiring

      maybe try talking James in to putting up the missology dvd? or take the fast and accurate class at tactical response i took it and it is well worth it !

  13. Wade Hawk

    I would like to see you allow those other Youtube Channels they keep screwing with to start uploading here, “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz1dqzhMslE” That guy named Rick had to start that one last night, like his fourth channel because he locked out of videos for 2 week second strike. You are not the only one they are screwing with.

  14. Justin Doerr

    I’d be interested in seeing more “uncorked” mindset stuff. For instance, the real talk in the active shooter videos really hits home. Just be Yeager doing Yeager stuff and I doubt anyone will bitch more than the usual amount. Glad to be a premium member, man. Can’t wait to see what you get done here!

  15. Keaton Martin

    What processes to take to fight against anti gun legislation. As in calling who we need to sending letters ext. like myself I just don’t kno where to start. I figure it would be good advice to have more people in the fight to keep the dirty fuckers from chipping away at out rights to bear arms.

  16. Jacob Ries

    I just want to see more unfiltered Yeager. Your videos have always covered a wide gamut of topics with different view points and guests. But I’d love to see more of this shit you didn’t say that you wanted to when you were on YouTube.

  17. Danny Tyner

    I love all of the information you provide, keep it coming! To diversify some how about opening up a section for others to post such as TiborasaurusRex?

    Thank you! Danny

    • James Yeager

      I have covered this many times. It costs more money like having roommates using more hot water and eating more groceries.

  18. Steven Scalia

    I would like it is you would upload your Shooting Missology DVD for the premium members. I have bought this DVD but I would like to bring it to the range with me.

  19. Jacob Whitcomb

    The only thing I can think of that is not already listed would be some reviews on different footwear. Other than that the same as others have said more you being you, more shotgun,more medical and more politics from trusted view points. Keep up the great work. After this wedding is paid for we will back to take more classes. Thanks!

  20. Johnny Charles

    I can’t get the like button to work. Also a way to tell new stuff from old stuff that’s being uploaded her for the first time. I’ve watched 90+% of your old YouTube channel. There are probably a lot of others who have too. I’d like to see the new uncensored LiberTV stuff. Also hearing some opinions and topics that would get you banned from YouTube is really what will set this platform apart from whats left of YouTube’s watered down gun stuff. Didn’t mean to sound critical. Ya’ll are doing great this is an awesome endeavor. I hope to get out to Camden and take some more classes this spring.

  21. Willie Everett

    I would like to see some videos of budget stuff being worked hard. Lets see some video of Condor plate carrier and pouches being destroyed in a contractor class. I know budget stuff is not always good but lets see what it will actually hold up to.

  22. gregory smith

    in addition to the great stuff you are already doing: bugout trailer update that was already mentioned, general gear prep/organization, tips on improving shooting basics to improve my shooting. Thank you creating LiberTV!!

  23. Michael Drescher

    I’d like to see a more in depth video on your communication gear and tactics, a quick “how to” set it up for a small group or family , how you run it on your gear and why. Specifically for the Baofeng and Yaesu radios if possible. Thanks for being a true voice of freedom and having the balls to put yourself out there, I’m looking forward to your “unleashed” video content now that you’re free from the youtube bullshit shell game they call policy.

  24. Cameron Graham

    I saw a mentio of Class Lectures. Personally, the real shit that ISNT allowed on You Tube. Real first responder items. Example: public shooting. What to do if on site and a gov employee is there not handling situation appropriately, alone ( Florida). How to legitimately set up your vehicle with AR medical etc when you have kids/ family man or woman. Real uncut no bullshit scenarios for everyday things that can happen. What you do know is awesome.. so the above is because you asked.


  25. Ben Starnes

    Would Nate maybe be interested in doing some videos on like light and mic setups for recording videos? Maybe it’s too small of a niche but man I would love to learn some of the stuff he knows.

  26. Bill Dennison

    The applicable use of a .22 in survival and bug out situations. Some people argue with me that it is useless and there are better options. I agree with some of that statement but My wife is being trained on a .22 semi auto rifle before I move her up to an ar15 to build her confidence. She has a ruger lc9 as well. If a bug out situation occurs and she has her .22 and can run the guns well at least if she is on the road and threat is out of pistol range at least she has 100 yard + capability so she can at least try to break contact. Not only that but if she is backpacking she can carry 1000 rounds and not be weighed down. Perfect solution … no but still a solution. Never heard this subject covered. Essentially a video covering the use of an unconventional weapon because it is all you have or all you know how to use

    • Willie Everett

      If shtf everyone in my family would be armed and that includes my 10 yr old with a 10/22 and a 22/45 lite. Both guns a great for small game and with good shot placement will also take down a deer. It is not perfect and there are better options but if the choice is between her having a 22 or her having nothing I would prefer the 22. With that being said I would like to hear some other thoughts on this.

  27. Oswaldo Rivera

    I want the content that got you banned. I bought a premium membership not just to help you but as a fuck you to Youtube. Also I would like some of the lectures from your classes, maybe as a precursor to training. A while ago you said you woukd start giving lectures for active shooter training, I would like to see that

    • Cameron Graham

      Amen brutha.. Class Lectures and the real shit that ISNT allowed on You Tube. Honestly, if you have it I dont recall it, but first responder stuff. Example: public shooting. What to do if on site and a cop is ther not handling situation appropriately ( Florida) how to legitimately set up your vehicle with AR medical etc he you have kids/ family man or woman. Real uncut no bullshit scenarios

  28. Issac Craig

    I’m waiting on the “uncensored content”. Other than that just do what you do. You’re a mentor to many including myself and I’m glad I could help you continue to get the message to more people through this platform.

  29. Daniel Bauer

    I would love to see you travel out and let us meet your friends and family in the industry that you said you would want to introduce to us in your latest youtube video. I think getting to meet them and see their operation and some “how its made” type content would be awesome. Maybe a sneak peak at some current R&D stuff too… Also, I know your a motorcycle guy so maybe some non-gun content on something you do and enjoy outside of “work”. And of couse, any classes you feel like giving away to us premium guys (in video form, we wouldnt expect to take up actual seats) would definitely be appreciated. Keep fighting the good fight!

  30. alex anderson

    I would like to see a “Truck Gun” philosophy video. Pros and cons of a “Truck Gun” and what makes a good “Truck Gun”

  31. Wade McCallie

    Man just keep doing what you’re doing. Any shooting video with you and/or Jay or the other instructors is gold. See y’all again in May.

  32. B D

    -First and foremost, you getting off the leash of what you can say and not say is a massive upgrade we all want more of.

    -How you organize all of your gear [is this why you loan everything out, so you don’t have to manage it? haha]

    -More shotgun stuff

    -Story time with alumni

    -Bug Out Trailer Update

    -Guest tips from guys like Costa & Harrington

    -Small business tips you’re learning while building this new platform

    -As a premium member, would love access to more DVD content [Shooting Missology, Fighting Pistol, Fighting Rifle]

  33. Kaz Boren

    I would like to see some AKM basics to advanced skills. Sighting in to gear load out and putting it in use.
    Maybe some minute man truck/ car gear, Or mindset on how to be a great minute man.

  34. Matt Fletcher

    I want to see a section of video that says something like ¨¨Banned on Youtube. Videos that can´t be shown in youtube.

    Also, punctuation marks do not work in this wsywig box.

  35. Luigi Fusano

    I know I’m not premium…yet but I would to see some political videos, maybe a couple prepper updates, and just the fun interviews. Love libertv so far.

  36. john washam

    I would love to see videos on your views of some of the more prevalent political news pertaining to our nation and rights.

  37. Dennis Forsyth

    I would really like a video about vehicle tactics just something to introduce some concepts fighting in and around vehicles.

  38. Niccolo Saur

    I would like to see more political talk esp focused on your view on the gun control crazy talk that has abounded as of late.

  39. Ethan Richey

    It probably sounds dumb but I would like to see more hangout videos with everybody kind of like SOE’s YouTube page used to do a lot.

  40. Patrick Medley

    +1 for how to teach the young ones.

    Also, tactics for inside the home. My first question would be, how do I get from one end of my house to the other (where my kids are) quick enough without getting ambushed.

  41. Tyler Schardt

    You do a great job, so keep it up!  I’ll share some praises and suggestions below:

    Please keep talking politics and current events.  These help us young guys process this screwed up world.  Please keep talking about raising your kids to be warriors.  Some of us, myself included, weren’t raised around firearms, and showing us how you interact with your grandkids helps set a great example for us.  Your videos on history (military, political, and police history) help teach that new problems aren’t so new.  The “back in my cop days” stories are very informative and often very entertaining too.  Discussions with, if possible, or about your personal role models and their effects on you would be interesting.

    If you can share a few basic molecule(s) of room clearing by yourself and vehicle defense, that would be awesome.  Some tips to adapt drills learned in class to ranges with restrictive rules would be awesome too.

    A discussion on pre-attack indicators would be awesome.  I don’t recall you doing a, “How to Load Your Fighting Shotgun” video, if you don’t have one this would complete your series on the basics of martial gun handling. Please pardon me if I recall incorrectly.

    A series on famous gunfights (Miami FBI ’86 Shootout, North Hollywood Shootout, Newhall Incident, etc.) discussing the lessons learned from them would be really cool too.

    Your Prior to Training and Low Light playlists were FANTASTIC!  Please bring them back because they are super helpful to new students and make the firehose smaller in classes.

      • Jonathan Tuck

        I suppose there is no difference, I am trying to get out to a class but just would like to see the same dvd quality production on those room clearing tactics to hold me until I get to class. Thanks James and man I am loving LiberTV. Keep up the good work!

  42. Dean Beiring

    help me out here you run Gorilla ammo for game time is it the quality or leathality of the ammo? i mean FMJ is pretty lethal right? or is it that FMJ will go through people in to people you don’t want to shoot? and on the magazines same as when you are training or do you use different mags?—- please forgive me i am trying to ask intelligent questions and trying to not sound simple minded

  43. Dean Beiring

    is a silencer( not suppressor right?) designed for constant use or short term use as in have you seen any one take it through fighting rifle? i am planning to get one in a few weeks silencer co ( i know you said there are alot of good ones but what does James Yeager and Don numbers run?)i think one i can use on 308 and 556– is it possible to talk about this some? is there maintenance involved?

  44. christopher keeney

    I’ve been mildly-aggressively minuteman prepping for the past year or so and I would like to know more about how much of what priority is ideal or normal before I move to the next priority piece of gear/equipment/supplies. Example, I can only purchase so many things a month on a budget, so how many rounds of ammo is sufficient before I move to upgrade my food and water supply? Same with medical, etc. In other words, how do I know my volume of one category is sufficient to enable me to move to the next category? Perhaps there is no right answer? Hope this question came across clear, thanks for all you are doing.

  45. Michael Bingham

    Some of the “little things” that are gone over in class (maybe even videos taken during class) of how to do ____. I’m not asking for the whole class to be posted on here, but just some of the skills and tactics (much less parts of the mindset lecture). I was overwhelmed by all the info in Fighting Pistol, which is why I plan to take it again (and hopefully bring my wife). I think that would help me, as a premium member, feel like I was getting a good “bang for my buck” (pun intended). Having said that, James, you do a GREAT job with your videos: the variety of topics, the sheer number of videos you’ve done over the years. It is so much GREAT stuff. THANK YOU!

  46. Matthew Woupios

    MFCEO&THE MF Armorer do a 3 or 4 part vid on pistol,rifle,shotgun easy fixes students can do to their guns before they come to a class. The most common gun fails you see on your range that could have been prevented by loctite ext. hope that makes sense. Thank you.

  47. Jesse Smith

    Minuteman: Differences in gear and tactics when you must go to the fight on foot vs in a vehicle.
    Otherwise, I want to hear the uncensored shit.

  48. Michael Cook

    I would like to see some videos of some ideas and practices on working through AR15 and AK47 malfunctions. Things we can practice in our home ranges. Thank you

  49. Sean Martin

    Make a video on your opinion on the current political goings on, about the new gun control frenzy and how we should conduct ourselves

  50. Joshua Foote

    LEO specific videos. Majority of the videos are from the CCW perspective which is awesome and appreciated, but using some of your knowledge as a retired cop for things like building entries, room clearing, etc.

  51. Kevin Martinez

    Strength and health for the warrior lifestyle. Fighting with and deploying edc gear. Also the medical video with Kayla was GREAT. Anything medical is awesome.That alone was worth the premium membership.

  52. Brian Willochell

    I think a weekly dumbass/hero of the week would be pretty cool. Hard to figure out what to learn when we don’t know what we don’t know. Someone may be more creative than me lol

  53. Christopher Nelson

    I would like to see James do more stuff involving young people and how we can introduce firearms to the newer generations. Also, I would like to see more unscripted videos where James interacts with other firearms instructors / personalities e.x. John Lovell , Clint Smith so we get to see our favorite gun guns get together for a roundtable discussion. So basically, we can get videos about guns everywhere but I want videos that shed light on what it means to be a “Gun Guy” in todays world, where guns and people who like them are labeled… “DANGEROUS”. Lets break the stigma by showing people what men like James are all about. Its like a movie that has guns in it, but what differentiates the movie from others isn’t just the guns it used, but also the plot and characters that use the gun in a specific scene. For example in Dirty Harry when Clint uses his 44magnum and says those iconic words, “Do you feel lucky punk?”. That scene revolves around more then just the gun. Anyway sorry for the very long winded answer, but I hope I made my point. Thanks James and crew and keep up the great work.

  54. Christopher Blake

    With most gun type video websites it seems all they want to do I make videos telling em what gun to go out and buy. WHat I like about James Yeager is that he just stresses to practice with what you have…still I would like to see videos that will tell me about the guns I HAVE….Im not rich…most of the guns I have are those that have been handed down to me. I would love to hear more about what can be done to improve the reliability or accuracy of the guns that I have.

      • Christopher Blake

        Palmetto ar-15 , Savage Model 11, Colt le6920, Glock 27 & 22 (ya I now .40ś) Ruger SR-22 rifle & SR22 pistol, Walther PPK, Ruger Vaquero .44 Mag, Mossberg 500….But in general the guns guys already own…rather then specifically mine. BTW I really appreciate the videos you´ve been doing and am GLAD you have your own place to show more stuff! CONGRATS Mr. Yeager!!!

  55. Josh Graybill

    I want to see what the Rant video would look like completely un-corked… or at least what it would be like today on your free medium. Also, I saw someone down below mention practice tools and/or drills. I.E. Laser trainers, dry practice routines to avoid training scars, ect. Also, political or activist ideas. Not asking you to do all the brain work, but kinda am. If not by you, by those you admire or suggest we should. One other thing or idea; Not so much war stories by you or colleagues, but lessons learned or lessons that someone wished they had learned before or after a gun fight. I personally like mindset and commentary.

  56. Santiago Díez

    Hi, training and tips about battle rifles in .308 (battle zero, tactics, drills, associated gear,…), and, if it is possible, in some other platforms besides AR10…..CETME/G3, FAL´s…..in my part of the world it is much more common and easy getting access to a CETME than any other rifle…. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!!!!!

  57. Scott Taylor

    Medical….Building AR-15 uppers and lowers….Scope selection and installation for AR 15 and AR 10…..I also enjoy the Mookie and S.O.E. sessions….Thank You

  58. Brad Wade

    I’d like to learn the ins and outs becoming more self sustaining like growing your own food, how to preserve said food, not relying on the power grid, things like that. Been watching your videos on food storage and water filtration and I really like those.

  59. Timothy Alexander

    I would love to see more of the tactics side. What are the tactics that the average CCDW guy should be studying and practicing on? Which ones are the most important to start with?

  60. Charles Garrett

    I think an important series in this day and age would be a historical section. Go through important events in american history as it relates to the constitution. Perhaps there can be guests that can give historical perspectives or perspectives on living in countries without the freedoms we as a country take for granted.

    • Michael Bingham

      Speaking of this: How about some commentary on “gunfights that changed history?” You once did a video on the “Newhall Massacer” that prompted me to read up on the incident (the CHP did a training video on it). So how about some more commentary on lessons learned. Some ideas: the Miami FBI shootout, the West Hollywood Bank Robbers, and stuff like that.