Fighting Pistol

James Yeager






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  1. Martin Mercado

    I’m driving up 11 hours To Oregon for this, wish I could do the Rifle class but cant get off work. Thank you James for helping me to resist I wont comply to these tyrants brown, newsome.

  2. keith jones

    Thank you so much for putting this out for free! Brilliant way of having libertv grow, my only suggestion would be to see if its possible to add a Chromecast option to the video player
    Thanks again!

  3. Joe Simeone

    I really like how you put a emphasis on mindset, I took Fighting Pistol & Rifle awesome classes. Anyone thinking about taking a Tactical Response Class.. Do It, you can be assured you will be glad you did. They pack more into a 2 day class than some Trainers /Schools teach in a week.

  4. Kenneth Teel

    Awesome and priceless information Mr. Yeager, thank you for all you do for the gun culture. You have truly become a mentor for me and I’m sure many others. Keep it up!

  5. Brent Coomes

    James, thank you so much for this. I know you teach that we should train like we regularly carry. At work I tuck my shirt in and carry my S&W Shield for better concealability since work prohibits firearms, out of work I do not tuck in and carry a Glock 19 since printing not a huge deal. When I come down for Fighting Pistol, should I go one day tucked with the Shield and the other untucked with the Glock or pick one and stick to it during the entire training? Again, thank you.

    • James Yeager

      train the way you think you are more likely to fight. I say pick your “off duty” method since you are off more than on.

  6. Eric Hester

    James shoot that motherfucker in the face Yeager. I will be a premium member in July. Thanks for the free video James!

  7. Chase Kelly

    Thanks so much James for all you do for us! I’ve gone premium and getting a pack up pistol then booking FP ! Can’t wait

  8. Martin Martinus

    I brought this DVD and all of James other DVDs last year! Awesome idea!

    I shared this also. Fuck Youtube!

    Thanks James!