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James Yeager


  1. Haydee Santiago

    These right here are some of my very favorite videos of yours James. πŸ™‚ Especially the snubby video, I have a question regarding that. I live and work in nyc. I do Armed Security. To be more specific, I do Corporate Office/VIP Protection Detail. It’s me and a few other guys who are considerably older than me and they’re all ex-cops. I’m the only one who was never a cop. Anyway, the point is that they all carry the Smith & Wesson model 36 Chief’s Special for work, which is a snubby revolver with only 5 shots and they carry NO….EXTRA….AMMO! πŸ™„ Yes, you heard me right…. a 5 shot snubby for armed corporate security with no extra ammo. No speed loaders, no speed strips, hell not even some loose extra rounds just jammed into their pocket. I carry a Kahr K9 with 2 extra mags in my pocket and they all think I’m weird and/or paranoid for carrying extra ammo. (*Just for the record, my personal gun for home defense is a Glock 19 and it’s my pistol of choice, but I have to work with the Kahr K9 because it’s the gun I was issued by my company.) Anyway James, my question is how in the hell can I convince these old stubborn guys that a 5 shot revolver with no extra ammo is just not enough for our type of work should the shit hit the fan? How can I convince them to carry extra ammo?

  2. Clayton Reffitt

    When I first started concealed carry. I used a Walmart belt and it worked just fucking horribly. I had to have the belt so tight to hold the holster in place, that it cut into me and pinched me. Not good times.

  3. Kyle Burns

    Hey James great video love all of your content. I have a question why is your red dot on your FAL on the forend and not the receiver? Keep up the great work.