LiberTV Anniversary and plans for 2019

James Yeager






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  1. Daniel Shaw

    Low Light was the most interesting to me, followed by home defense( meaning solo building clearing second. How not to get killed by LE while confronting an active shooter. Also would be interested in medical, particularly improvised. I occasionally have a bad dream about standing over a bleeding kid with a glock and no bandages (it doesn’t work out)

  2. Brian Myers

    A medical video would be cool. Showing the more complex signs of trama, like neck swelling with tension pneumothorax and other shit. Vehicle tactics and low light woulda been my next too ideas lol.

  3. Brent Kelly

    As far as video ideas, I would love to see a Doomsday Prepper style video. I understand that they shot an episode of the show, and that you had the highest score, but they will not air the episode. I would be interested in seeing your preps and hearing your advice regarding short term and long term prepping, water storage, food storage, etc.

  4. Chase Kelly

    Shooting Missology and Fighting Pistol alone could be 100s of dollars in value James! Thanks for all you are doing for us! My layaway is building and soon to pay the last off and schedule Fighting Pistol! Then many more as I can down the road!