LiberTV The Shot Heard Round YouTube

James Yeager






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  1. Mike Brogren

    Nice! I see you brought Mr. Computer with before he had his orange shoes. Good kid, he gave me one of his Kize snack bars for videoing one of his runs

  2. John Wojtalik

    That was fucking awesome. Lol, “there was a great gun battle here, and somebody got an award.” I wonder how long it will take historians to figure it out when they find the tactical response range in 5000 years. “Millions of rounds were fired, bullets and shell casings everywhere, but not a single body. I don’t know what to make of it.” And then some gun guy looking the archives of firearms history will find Tactical response. Aha! That .338 lapua magnum is badass.

  3. Randy G

    I’m glad to be a part of the culture you’re trying to build and maintain here James. Thx for your years of advocacy of liberty and freedom.

  4. Ryan Downs

    Just signed up because of you and i am sick of youtube becoming some commie site trying to pacify and politically correct the masses into some slurry of wimps

  5. Nathan Frazier

    The people yesterday at the March of Our Lives were DEMANDING others to give them protection. I spent yesterday TAKING ACTION on protecting myself. I bought my first ar-15 and will be getting training soon to learn how to FIGHT and DEFEND MYSELF. I alone have the solo responsibility to defend myself.

  6. Tony Marcyjanik

    It made my heart smile. Congratulations and job well done. Look forward to the untapped content. Standing my ground.

  7. Perry Burrow

    Hell Yes, your site could not come at a better time with youtube shutting down gun channels in the next month, you are a pioneer in what’s next for us freedom loving Americans!

  8. David Hanny

    Congratulations! Been looking forward to this for a long time. I hope you bring just about the entire gun community over and with you, James.

  9. Brandon Smith

    That was good to see. These people are no longer trying to hide their agenda. I am glad you and others will not let them silence you.

  10. Michelle Robinson

    My husband was saying someone needs to start their own page with gun videos since you tube is being a “jerk.” Thanks for starting one! Keep up the fight!

  11. Adam Hill

    “Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First his Cromwell; and George the Third — may profit by their example. If this be treason, make the most of it.” Patrick “O.G.” Henry

  12. Joe Knudson

    I commend you for following through with your convictions, sir. I support you and anyone who supports the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. etc. etc. Congratulations!

  13. Jason Davis

    Congrats James. The site looks awesome. Can’t wait to come and train with you in the near future. Fuck ’em and feed ’em catfish heads

  14. Chris Zuck

    I think the video might be broken. I get this error “Sorry

    Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”

  15. Chris Backley

    After locating all the YT award pieces I’d go so far as to package it up with a copy of the video saved to a flash drive and ship it back yo YouTube.

    • Joe Knudson

      I like that idea; however, I suggest JY puts it up for auction on Ebay then sends the receipt of sale to YouTube — along with your suggested idea of the video saved to a flash drive to YouTube.

  16. Joseph Tolley

    Awesome site! Glad to see theres still true American patriots and refusing to be silent is one of the best ways to tell all these pc media and social platforms to GET FUCKED!

  17. brian south

    Hope you allow others to post later. Would be nice to have a complete firearm channel with training, reloading, gun smithing etc. Screw youtube and all their hippie bullshit!

  18. Collin Ohlinger

    James, you should really look into becoming a competitor to YouTube. Recent events have made YouTube less than desirable.

      • John Fazio

        Sir, we do not feel this is a competitor to Youtube. This is an extension of Get off the X, or Tactical Response. To be a competitor of YouTube you would need to allow any user to upload videos. You could get the other major players on Youtube to contribute funds for servers, Phil Defranco, Tim Pool, Dave Rubin, Firearms channels like MAC, IraqVet8888, even the idiots like FPS Russia….

  19. Reed Peyton

    Im still confused. Is this James’ personal website to release content or is it like any other video site where users can create channels?

  20. Ben Nicols

    Congratulations for getting LiberTV up and running! Im looking forward to seeing James “unleashed” and to seeing you at The Way of the Pistol next week!

  21. Robert Hogue

    Congratulations, Yeager. Wish you all the best with this “free” platform moving forward. Been a Patreon for the last 6 months, a premium member here for 15 minutes and will be alumni by the end of the summer. Keep doing you, can’t wait to watch the unfiltered stuff. All the best -Rob